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When you start looking for the right reader for your business, you should ask yourself what codes the user encounters in his daily work. All readers easily and efficiently read leading one-dimensional or two-dimensional codes, depending on the type of reader. However, the problem appears with more difficult, complicated codes containing a large amount of information. Such codes include the Aztec code found in the vehicle registration certificate. It is 2D code and contains a large amount of information that cannot be handled by any scanner. In addition to codes with a complex structure, there are codes that are more difficult to read, for example behind the foil, or those that have been poorly printed, damaged or are indistinct. We offer several models that read this type of codes efficiently and without any problems.

Every day we receive inquiries from our clients regarding barcode readers. Among them, a significant percentage are questions whether a given model will work with a specific warehouse program or accounting program. The answer is simple and affirmative - the barcode reader works like a keyboard by default, so it will work with the program installed on your computer without any problems.

In recent years, barcodes have gained great popularity and are used in many areas. Bar code readers, also known as scanners, are used to decode and read them, which reflect light from a graphic symbol, converting it into an electronic signal, then sent to the target device with the information contained in the bar code. In order to precisely and conveniently scan barcodes, the readers are equipped with a number of functions that facilitate work. Devices of this type can work in various modes, affecting the convenience or efficiency of work, and their choice depends on the individual needs of the customer.

Everybody has come across barcodes in their lives. It is a record of numbers, letters and special characters that are encoded with alternating black and white vertical lines. Their structure and structure is determined according to the accepted norms and principles of building a given code.

Czytniki kodów kreskowych mają za zadanie odczytanie, rozkodowanie oraz przesłanie informacji zawartych w kodzie na urządzenie docelowe. Czynność ta odbywa się za pomocą wiązki światła w postaci diody laserowej lub diody LED, która pochłania kolor czarny i odbija się od białej powierzchni kodu tworząc sygnały elektryczne.

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