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Barcode readers, are devices that over the years have become an indispensable tool for retailers. However, the scope of their use has increased over the years and expanded to include other industries. We will also encounter scanners designed to read labels in libraries, offices, offices, and even in health care or production.  

Currently, almost all products available in the store have their own unique code. The most common of these is the EAN type code, usually between eight and thirteen numbers in length. For many, it is just a sequence of random numbers, but in fact, each individual number has a specific meaning.

Barcode readers offer many different functions in addition to scanning labels. Among them, we find scanners that allow you to work in Virtual COM mode. This feature can be useful for people who need a device that works with a specific program.

We have already described many parameters important when choosing a barcode reader, but we have never focused on such a trivial thing as determining where the barcode reader may be needed. Therefore, in today's post, we will consider in which branches of business such a reader can be used.

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