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Virtual serial port in code readers

Barcode readers offer many different functions in addition to scanning labels. Among them, we find scanners that allow you to work in Virtual COM mode. This feature can be useful for people who need a device that works with a specific program.

Often times, a certain program requires a serial input device. When we have a computer without a physical serial port or our barcode reader is not equipped with an RS232 cable, the Virtual COM mode comes to our aid. In addition, this mode affects the versatility of the scanner, not depriving it of the possibility of connecting via USB, but adding the option of serial port emulation.

Virtual COM mode makes the reader connected to the USB port visible to the computer as a device with a serial port. In most cases, to enable the mentioned option, read the control code from the manual. In some cases, it is necessary to download and install a driver. Virtual COM mode significantly improves the comfort of work and makes it easier. Thanks to this function, scanned codes are sent to the active program window, and not to a text editor such as Excel or Notepad, as is the case with scanners connected using the HID option.

In order to check whether our reader has been switched to Virtual COM mode, open the device manager and check if there is a new device in the Ports section. Correctly installed reader should be marked as a USB serial device with COM inscription and port number in parentheses.

In our HDWR online store you will find a wide range of barcode readers that offer Virtual COM mode. We present a few of them below.

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