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Verified VAT taxpayer

The fashion for small devices recording images while driving came to Poland about 10 years ago from across the eastern border. During this time, various models have appeared on the market - from the cheapest models available in hypermarkets for less than 10 EUR, to advanced devices with prices in the thousands. Such a wide selection means that a large number of drivers reach for these devices, while a very large number of them install them incorrectly.

Barcodes - what and how?

Barcodes are used in many industries. Both in production, warehouse and during the sale of the final product. If we want our codes to be read without any problems we should prepare ourselves for it.

VAT invoices by e-mail.

On the day of the menu, our company updated the system, which consisted in changing the method of receiving VAT invoices by our clients.

What is a VAT invoice anyway?

A VAT invoice is nothing more than a document confirming the conclusion of the transaction. It is an invoice that documents the sale by the customer and can be issued in a traditional paper form as well as in the


When looking for scanning equipment for everyday use in the company, we pay attention not only to its technical parameters, allowing to increase efficiency and comfort of use. We also care about the safety of the selected device, its strength and resistance to mechanical damage and the penetration of substances inside. For this, a special classification is used.

Document shredders allow you to control documents both at home and in the office. They allow you to maintain the confidentiality of documents that could fall into the wrong hands. The DIN standard watches over how much information on shredded documents is protected against reconstruction.

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