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Wireless barcode and 2D multidimensional codes reader has many significant advantages. One of them is the possibility of being a dozen or even several dozen meters away from the wireless receiver, which is a link between the target computer and the scanner you are using.

A bar code is a graphic symbol presented in the form of vertical stripes or a square symbol in the form of a mosaic (2D codes), which we encounter almost every day at every step. Over the years, it has become an inseparable symbol used in the economy. We most often encounter it when doing everyday shopping, because the barcode is on each product.

For many people, the code reader has only one simple use - it reads a string of characters contained in the code and then sends it to a computer, where it is stored in a text program or a target warehouse management or accounting application.

Barcode readers are equipped with various interfaces with which we can connect them to the target device. Among them, we distinguish the USB, RS232 and PS2 connectors. The choice of a reader with a specific type of interface determines the way of its connection and gives various possibilities.

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