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Readers with omni-directional and unidirectional barcode reading

The readers are designed to read various types of codes on the products. Among the many devices of this type available on the market, we can distinguish those that offer omni-directional or unidirectional reading.

Omni-directional readers have several scanning lines forming a special grid, thanks to which they allow you to scan codes in several directions. This solution significantly facilitates and increases work efficiency. Omni-directional scanning eliminates the need to set the code in a specific position, which speeds up reading.

An example of an omnidirectional reader in our offer is the HD35 , which offers as many as 20 laser lines and offers scanning in as many as five directions.

Unidirectional scanners are the most popular and display a single laser line, offering unidirectional code reading. In order to scan the barcode correctly, set the laser line in such a way that it displays horizontally on the barcode.

The last group of readers are bi-directional scanners that display a single laser line but allow reading in two directions. This affects the convenience of scanning and speeds up the reading.

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