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Label printers for barcodes

Barcodes read by readers and scanners very often take the form of labels, which can be applied to any surface. A regular inkjet printer and appropriate paper labels can be used for this purpose.

Another way is to purchase a dedicated label printer. These devices are very specific and fall into several basic categories:

  • Due to the working environment - in order to better match the device to the frequency and amount of printing, many different models have been created that are suitable for different purposes:
    • office printers: devices that will work well in an office, shop, small warehouse where the number of prints oscillates around a few thousand per month (about 100 prints per day). Office printers may be additionally equipped, e.g. with an Ethernet port, WiFi, in some models a peeler or a cutter.
    • industrial printers: intended for work in warehouses, production halls, etc., where the intensity of the printer operation amounts to several dozen or even several hundred thousand printouts per month (several thousand printouts per day). These types of devices are usually richly equipped in the standard version (LCD display, Ethernet port, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.). Additionally, they can be equipped with a peeler, cutter, liner rewinder, etc.
    • mobile printers: small, compact devices intended for work "in the field". They have been created for customers who need a device that allows them to print labels anywhere and anytime.

  • By printing method:
    • thermal printers: allow printing on thermal labels. The labels themselves are sufficient for printing. Printing is only possible on paper labels.
    • thermal transfer printers: printing is done on thermal transfer labels. In addition to the labels, a ribbon is also required for printing. Labels printed with a thermal transfer printer are more durable than with thermal printing. In addition to paper labels, it is also possible to print on foil labels.
    • Thermal and thermal transfer printers: Both types of printing are possible. It is only necessary to install in the printer consumables appropriate for the selected type of printing.

  • In terms of print resolution - measured in dots per inch (dpi), the higher the resolution at which a label printer is capable of printing labels, the better the print quality. The most common print resolutions available are:
    • 203 dpi
    • 300 dpi
    • 600 dpi

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