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Code reader ideal for harsh industrial environments

Barcode readers, are devices that over the years have become an indispensable tool for retailers. However, the scope of their use has increased over the years and expanded to include other industries. We will also encounter scanners designed to read labels in libraries, offices, offices, and even in health care or production.  

For harsh industrial environments, we need a suitable scanning device with certain parameters that will stand up to exposure to harsh environmental conditions. 

There is usually a lot of dust on production halls or warehouses, and we may also have to deal with all kinds of agents or liquid substances. It is important that the scanner we choose has adequate protection. Above all, it should be as waterproof as possible and protected against the penetration of liquids and dust and dust into its interior. It is therefore worth paying attention to the IP protection class of the selected scanner. Degrees of protection that will stand up to the above-mentioned environmental factors begin with IP61. Where the second digit, or 1, indicates protection against falling water droplets. The higher the second digit in the IP protection class, the greater the protection against liquid ingress  

The following table indicates the degree of protection against liquid ingress.

The second digit after the IP code Description
0 lack of protection
1 protection from falling water drops
2 Protection against vertically falling water droplets at case tilt up to 15°
3 Water spray protection
Protection against splashing water from any direction
5 Water jet protection
6 Protection against strong water spray
7 Protection against the effects of short-term immersion in water
8 Protection against the effects of continuous immersion in water
9 Protection against flooding by a strong jet of water under pressure (80-100 bar and at a temperature of +80°C)


In harsh industrial conditions on the shop floor or warehouse, all sorts of equipment are subject to falls. Therefore, the scanner should be as resistant to mechanical damage as possible. The casing must be solid and sturdy, and the whole structure must be reliable. It is also good when the housing is finished with rubber elements, which further protects and cushions during a fall. This ensures that the delicate mechanism of the scanning system inside the device is well protected

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