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Among barcode readers, there are many models that differ in terms of parameters and the resulting purchase price. Unfortunately, but despite the same functionalities, not every reader will work in the same work environment.

The Aztec code is a multi-dimensional two-dimensional code that contains a large amount of information. This type of code is most often found in the registration certificate of any vehicle. It looks like a mosaic and contains, among others, such encoded information as the number of the registration certificate, the issuing authority, type of vehicle, year of production, name and surname of the owner and many other information about a specific vehicle.

When looking for barcode scanners, a large proportion of people hesitate between wired and wireless devices. When the choice is a reader that works without the need for a cable connection to the computer, another problem appears - the offer includes both Bluetooth and radio-compatible readers. Many customers usually encounter a problem in selecting a scanner for their needs and the necessary range of operation.

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