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Laser, CCD, CMOS - reader with which scanning engine to choose

The market offers a wide range of various types of barcode readers. They differ from each other in terms of their functions, connection method and the built-in scanning engine. In today's article, we will discuss the various mechanisms responsible for barcode scanning.

Among the readers, there are devices equipped with a laser engine, CCD and CMOS matrix. The main difference among these types of devices is the displayed scanning beam.

Readers with a built-in laser-based system display the laser beam in the form of a thin, horizontal line. They enable precise scanning of most standard one-dimensional codes.

In opposition to laser readers, there are readers that offer a scanning system based on a CCD matrix or a CMOS matrix. The light source for this type of scanners is the LED diode. The light beam is often a slightly wider, horizontal line than in laser readers. The scanning system equipped with a matrix allows you to read not only the codes on printed labels, but also offers trouble-free scanning of codes from LCD screens and displays of mobile devices.

In addition, readers equipped with a CMOS matrix, which is a higher and more advanced technology than the CCD matrix, guarantee higher resistance to mechanical damage than the laser scanning system, because they do not have moving parts.

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