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In some of the readers in our offer it is possible to program any prefix and suffix. To set this up you will need the extended control code manual, which we provide by email. Model HD43 requires coding appropriate groups for selected characters to make everything work properly.

New! HD7800 the latest wireless 1D and 2D barcode reader!

The reader has a robust housing that allows it to work even in the toughest conditions. It is used in many industries from stores to warehouses or libraries. Standard 1D and 2D codes are no problem for this model. Additionally, the scanner has an internal memory that allows it to store up to several thousand codes and then send them to a computer. Communication with the receiver allows us to send the codes from a distance of up to 100 meters (in open spaces). The device works not only with many popular accounting and warehouse software such as Weaver WMS or Subiekt but also with fiscal cash registers of Novitus, Elzab and others.

Among barcode readers, we distinguish handheld and stationary scanners. The choice of scanning equipment depends on the profile of the business and the needs of our clients.

Handheld scanner operated with one hand, ideally suited to use in all kinds of warehouses, shops and supermarkets, in logistics centers, in production, so wherever the equipment requires mobility and freedom of operation. Handheld scanners, depending on whether they are wired or wireless, allow you to move around the room to scan a barcode.

HDWR products have been chosen by over 20,000 customers in Poland. Every day we serve over 100 customers not only by fulfilling orders, but also by providing professional assistance in choosing devices or their configuration. We do not limit ourselves only to the domestic market, but also gain recognition among foreign consumers.

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