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Barcode readers for libraries

Among barcode readers, there are many models that differ in terms of parameters and the resulting purchase price. Unfortunately, but despite the same functionalities, not every reader will work in the same work environment.

An example of a place is the library and barcodes placed on books. These are 13-character ISBN codes, which are not dense, informative barcodes, but another aspect is difficult. ISBN codes have a similar structure to the popular EAN-13 barcodes, but due to the fact that they are used to mark books, they are often printed on glossy surfaces that strongly reflect light.

As a result, the laser beam with inadequate power will be very scattered and the code will become unreadable. The codes behind the protective foil are also a great difficulty. Theoretically, the code is very clearly visible to the human eye, while the laser beam with too low power will be bent and the code will also become unreadable to the reader.

So what code reader should you choose? The HDWR company's offer includes many models of barcode readers, the scanning systems of which have the appropriate power for trouble-free reading of codes behind a foil or on a glossy surface:

  • HD26
  • HD29A
  • HD-S80
  • HD26C
  • HD8900

2D multidimensional code readers are also a good alternative, which, thanks to the use of a CMOS matrix, can also read codes displayed on LCD screens and mobile phones. However, an amendment should be taken that such a reader will read ordinary barcodes less precisely.

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