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VAT invoices by e-mail.

VAT invoices by e-mail.

On the day of the menu, our company updated the system, which consisted in changing the method of receiving VAT invoices by our clients.

What is a VAT invoice anyway?

A VAT invoice is nothing more than a document confirming the conclusion of the transaction. It is an invoice that documents the sale by the customer and can be issued in a traditional paper form as well as in the


VAT invoices, together with their copies, must be provided for 5 years, counting from the end of the calendar year in which the deadline for payment of the tax on goods and services expired. They can be found in

traditional (paper) form, as well as a reference - instructions for documents that are included in the traditional (paper) form.

Obligation to issue an invoice

The general rule is: the entrepreneur has to issue an invoice when the sale is made to the company. There are the same exceptions to this rule and it can be assumed that it rests with VAT registered taxpayers who

actively participate in sales to other users.

The required data

 Invoice number and date of issue

 The exact date or date of delivery of the goods or performance of the service (but only if this date is different from the date on which the invoice was issued)

 Seller and buyer data (names, surnames, addresses, tax identification numbers)

 The name of the good or service that is part of the contract

 The quantity of goods or the scope of the service that is the subject of the contract

 Unit price or services, expressed as net value

 The amount of the discounts

 The total value of the goods or services expressed as net value

 Tax rates

 Total value of the goods or services, expressed in net worth, broken down into what is tax and what is exempt from it

 The amount of tax on the sum of the net worth, the advance tax tax

 Total amount due

New system in HDWR

So far, our company has had a system of paper invoices attached to the package sent. In the event that the client expressed a desire to receive an invoice in a different form, or not its parameters at all, we adapted to our needs.

From the next day, it will be futile to look for an invoice in the package, because the invoice will be sent by e-mail (to the e-mail address provided by the customer when placing the order) up to sixteen hours after it is issued by our company.

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