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Return of goods

When buying a reader, customers often wonder what to do if the device does not meet the requirements. Our company allows you to return or replace the scanner with another one within 30 days of purchase. However, the shipment that will be sent to us must meet certain requirements for the return to be accepted:

- The product is packed in the original box, which is not however described, torn, glued or wrapped.

- the reader visually does not have any defects (scratches, damage to the casing) and technical defects (this also applies to the cradle if it was included in the set)

- the communication/power cable is properly secured, the insulation along the entire cable length is not damaged

- instructions that are included with each scanner

If it is a wireless reader:

- a receiver without technical and visual defects or

- Docking station without technical and visual defects When our package meets all requirements, please send it to the address:

Weaver Software Andrzej Lenkowski

Os. Piastowskie 53

63-000 Środa Wielkopolska, Poland

The final decision to accept or reject the return is made upon receipt of the shipment.

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