HD-SL36A 2D multi-dimensional code reader for vehicle registration certificates


Wired code reader HD-SL36A is a high-quality device that can read not only ordinary barcodes, but also 2D multidimensional codes, even of high density. It was made of high-quality materials and has a modern and attractive design which makes it fit into any interior. The 1.5 meter cable allows for comfortable work, and the delicate white backlight is not troublesome for the user's eyesight.

A high-quality scanning system equipped with a CMOS matrix enables the reading of 1D and 2D codes, as well as codes displayed on device screens. The scanner is great at dealing with the Aztec code from the registration certificate , which is why we especially recommend it to people working at diagnostic stations, in automotive stores, workshops, car showrooms and other companies related to the automotive industry.

The reader can work in automatic mode, in which, together with the stand included in the set, it enables unattended operation without pressing a button to read the code. The scanner can also work in Virtual COM mode.

The set includes:

  • 1D and 2D code reader
  • Built-in USB cable for communication with a computer
  • Dedicated reader stand
  • User manual



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