High-quality Full HD car camera with Wifi and GPS videoCAR S320 modules


The high-quality videoCAR S320 car camera has been designed for recording events on the road. Perfect for both private use and company cars.

The video recorder offers video recording in a maximum resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels with a recording speed of up to 30 frames per second, which guarantees a clear, smooth and high-quality image. Thanks to this, it is possible to read vehicle registration plates even from a greater distance. The wide field of view, covering the entire area in front of the vehicle, provides a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 145 degrees. The device can also be successfully used as a camera taking pictures with a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels . A clear image in difficult and changing lighting conditions is guaranteed by the advanced WDR technology, thanks to which the lens dynamically reacts to changes in lighting, as well as the Novatek 96658 chipset and Sony IMX323 optics.

Ease and comfort of use is ensured by a readable 1.5-inch screen, which, in combination with large buttons, allows you to freely navigate the menu, making use simple and pleasant. Noteworthy is the default recording start function right after power is supplied, which increases driving safety without distracting the driver with the need to manually start recording.

The big advantage of the S320 model is the built-in WiFi module that allows you to seamlessly connect the camera to any mobile phone, based on Android or iOS. This allows you to operate the device from a smartphone by installing a dedicated application. Using the phone, the user has the ability to start and stop recording, view saved files, and also have a preview of the current view from the video recorder on the screen of his smartphone. Additionally, the GPS module provides the driver with useful information about the current speed of the vehicle.

The videoCAR S320 is equipped with an advanced G-sensor G-sensor with several sensitivity levels. The sensor detects shocks caused by sudden braking or a collision and automatically protects the recording against deletion. This increases the safety of the driver by eliminating the need to remember to manually save the video during a dangerous traffic situation. The camera also allows you to manually protect files, using a special button, if the need arose.

The camera has a number of advanced functions that you may find useful while traveling. Motion detection that automatically starts recording after detecting vehicle movement, parking mode providing evidence during events in the parking lot or splitting recordings into short clips of a few minutes, are just some of them.

The kit includes:

  • Car camera
  • Suction cup with magnetic holder and ball joint
  • Car charger with a 3-meter cable
  • USB communication cable
  • User manual

Note! The camera is sold without a memory card, it must be purchased separately.


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