Dual lens car camera, Full HD videoCAR T310


The videoCAR T310 car camera is a high-quality device designed to record events during the vehicle's route. It is made of high quality materials and components, thanks to which it offers a very good quality of video clips.

Video recorder in standard records in VGA resolution, expandable to Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, and smooth image provides 30 frames per second. Designed for use outside the vehicle, rear incident camera, offers an image in 640 x 480 pixels. By connecting it to the appropriate electrical wiring, we can additionally obtain a reversing camera assisted by four LED diodes located on the housing

The device offers a high-quality, clear video image. Using both lenses in dual mode, the camera offers images in Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) at 30 frames per second. Only the front camera can be used, which gives us the opportunity to set 1080p resolution , 1440p (2560 x 1440), and even 2160p (288 x 2160), giving us a picture close to 4K quality. The maximum resolution offers a smooth image recorded in 24 frames per second, so that even the smallest is visible detail. The videoCAR T310 model is equipped with an advanced WDR function, which supports the device in changing lighting conditions so that the image is always clear.

Stable mounting of the recording equipment is possible thanks to the attached handle with strong adhesive tape. The ease and comfort of use is influenced by the large, readable screen with a diagonal of 3 inches and large, comfortable buttons allowing for free navigate through menu functions. The camera allows you to save space on the memory card by using the loop recording option, thanks to which the clips are divided into 1, 3 or 5 minutes fragments, and the newest recordings are overwritten with the oldest ones, which eliminates the risk of inability to save recordings from because the card is full. The video recorder slot supports microSD cards with a maximum capacity of up to 64GB, enabling almost 6 hours of recording in dual mode

videoCAR T310 is equipped with a G-sensor that detects overloads . When a sudden braking or a shock caused by a collision is detected,automatically protects the recording against overwriting. This option increases security by eliminating the need to manually save the clip in a dangerous situation. A useful function is also parking mode, thanks to which the surroundings of our car are also observed when parked. This mode automatically activates a several-second recording when a shock is detected. In this way, we gain evidence in the event of damage to the vehicle, which may help to determine the perpetrator of the damage. The set includes a GPS module mounted to the windshield, which provides the user with information such as the current time and date, vehicle speed and current coordinates.

The kit includes:

  • Car camera
  • Mounting bracket with adhesive tape
  • GPS module
  • USB car charger with 3 m cable
  • User Manual

Note! The camera is sold without a memory card, it must be purchased separately.


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