HD-SL96 Wireless 2D Vehicle ID Code Reader with Bluetooth and Docking Station


HD-SL96 is a wireless 2D code reader made of high quality materials, which can cope with reading of high density, fuzzy or damaged codes. The device is equipped with display on the top of the housing, which shows the current communication method and the battery charge level, which significantly increases the comfort of work. The white illumination of the scanner is gentle on the eyes and does not irritate it, making the work with the reader comfortable and pleasant.

The device has been equipped with a super-efficient scanning system with a CMOS matrix ensuring immediate reading of Aztec codes from vehicle registration certificates, making it ideal for use at diagnostic stations, shops, workshops, car showrooms and in all types of enterprises related to with the automotive industry.

Bluetooth module and radio communication allow for a range of up to 150 meters of work from the docking station. The advantage of the reader is the ability to work in storage mode, thanks to which the scanner, after scanning the appropriate control code, will save the read codes in the built-in memory of the device , containing several thousand barcodes, which can later be sent to a computer.

The docking station plays the role of the device transmitting and charging the reader. The 2200 mAh battery allows for a 16-hour operating mode.

The set includes:

  • Wireless barcode reader
  • Docking station with dedicated USB cable
  • Device user manual



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