HD-S92 desktop wire 2D code reader


HD-S92 is a wired barcode reader designed for stationary work. Its elegant and modern look and small size make it fit into any interior, especially where the work space is limited. The scanner is ideal for small stores, retail, warehouse and library. It was made of high-quality plastics, which makes it durable and solid.

High-quality scanning system quickly and precisely reads 1D and 2D codes, both printed and digital, displayed on the screens of phones, laptops or tablets. The reading is reliable regardless of the state, the device can easily cope with the scanning of fuzzy, fuzzy or damaged codes. The possibility of placing the reader on the desk and automatic reading of codes when they are within the range of the laser beam, significantly facilitates work, increases comfort and affects efficiency. An additional advantage is the large scanning angle which affects the ease and speed of reading and increases convenience by eliminating the need to set the code in a specific position

The device is equipped with a red LED diode, which turns off after a long time of not using the reader, to save energy. The scanner screen has a motion sensor so that the LED turns on again as soon as it detects movement.

HD-S92 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and POS cash registers, and the Plug & Play interface means that there is no need to install any drivers, just connect the device to the computer.

The set includes:

  • Code reader
  • USB cable
  • Instruction



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