Wireless data collector HD-PS3E

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The HD-PS3E data collector has the lowest price on the market for this type of device. HD-PS3E combines the functions of a wireless barcode reader and a simple wireless data collector. It has a color display and a keyboard, so you can manually enter, for example, damaged or unclear codes. It is powered by standard AA batteries / accumulators, which ensures uninterrupted operation. The device allows you to scan and save 50,000 codes in the built-in memory at a time. After scanning, all data can be sent wirelessly to the target device. The device does not require any additional software. The collector can be programmed in a very wide range. It has a large number of different functions.

Modes of operation:

  • Real mode - The data is sent immediately after reading the code to the station connected to the computer
  • Memorization mode - Read data are stored in the device
  • Inventory mode - Read data are stored in the device. The quantities for the codes are added together. For example: we read the code "123", manually enter the amount: 10. After some time we read the code "123" again.

Ways to dump device data:

  • To the station - Data is sent wirelessly via WiFi to the station connected to the computer
  • Like a USB device - Possibility to connect the device via USB port on the computer directly and download text files, e.g. with completed inventory.
  • Ability to set the format of the ripped data in a text file

The kit includes

  • Wireless data collector
  • USB receiver
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction


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