Pocket code reader 2D WiFi / Bluetooth HD6600


HD6600 is a pocket 2D code reader, which will be perfect as a handy accessory for working with all kinds of barcodes and multidimensional codes. The reader has a housing with the look and size of a car key, so it can easily fit in any pocket. The device has two buttons - one for scanning, which is additionally illuminated in blue, and the other for turning the scanner on and off at any time. The scanning system is equipped with a LED diode that illuminates and a special sight facilitating the reading of the required code.

Double communication

The device has been equipped with two wireless communication modules. Thanks to this, it can work with both stationary computers equipped with a USB port and portable devices such as a tablet or a mobile phone. There are two types of connections to choose from:

  • radio communication takes place via a dedicated and paired USB micro-receiver
  • Bluetooth after switching the reader into Bluetooth mode, it will be detected in devices as an additional HID keyboard.

A useful feature is the ability to switch the scanner to Bluetooth mode at any time. To do this, hold down the scanning button for approx. 8 seconds. After this time, the equipment will emit a short sound and the LED around the button will start blinking, indicating that the scanner has entered the mode of sending a signal to devices with a Bluetooth module.

Code memorization mode

HD6600 has a built-in memory that allows you to save up to 5000 codes. In order for the reader to enter the code memorization mode, it is enough to scan the appropriate code from the user manual. The codes saved in memory can be sent at any time to any connected device by scanning the next code from the manual. In addition, it is also possible to display the number of codes stored in the memory and to delete it.

The set includes:

  • Wireless barcode reader
  • Docking Station
  • USB receiver
  • USB cable
  • Instruction


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