Wireless 2D code reader with display and HD9600 charging station


HD9600 is a 1D and multidimensional 2D barcode reader, having a number of possibilities and facilities that facilitate and accelerate work. The solid and durable housing with an elegant shape and color means that the reader can be used in a wide variety of places, from shops and offices to warehouses and industrial areas. Noteworthy is the 2-inch color display on the top, which can display a lot of useful information, such as the time, the number of scanned products, the code read, and information about the connection and battery status. The included docking station allows the device to be automatically charged after placing it in a special socket. The high-precision scanning system reads all barcodes with great ease, as well as most 2D multidimensional codes. Both can be displayed on LCD screens and mobile phones. HD9600 is distinguished by two wireless communication modules - it can be radio-connected using the included micro-receiver or via Bluetooth, which enables communication with mobile devices, e.g. a tablet or a mobile phone. Extensive programming options allow you to set all characters in an ASCII table as a prefix or suffix, including function keys (F7, F11, etc.). In addition, it is also possible to select the reader operating mode, communication method, emitted sounds, and even add the current date to the read code and the possibility of personalizing the name of the Bluetooth device.

Connection ways:

The HD9600 can communicate wirelessly in two ways:

  • by radio - a paired micro receiver is required for communication. It can be connected directly to the USB port of the computer or to the USB socket of the charging station
  • Bluetooth - in addition to the standard HID mode, it is also possible to select Bluetooth SPP and BLE connections.

In addition to the wireless connection, HD9600 can also transfer information wired by connecting the reader with a USB cable to the computer.

Modes of operation:

The reader has two operating modes that can be switched at any time:

  • normal mode - scanned codes immediately go to the device with which the reader is connected
  • inventory mode - scanned codes are saved in the internal memory (up to 50,000 codes can be saved). The stored codes are transmitted by scanning the appropriate control code. It is also possible to display the number of stored codes and clear the internal memory of the reader

The ability to preview the scanned product

In addition to the scanned code, HD9600 can display any information assigned to a specific code, which the user can define by himself. To do this, prepare an appropriate text file and upload it to the device memory with a dedicated application. After a successful operation and scanning the code, the scanner display will show the scanned code and information about it that the user entered in the text file.

The set includes:

  • Wireless barcode reader
  • Docking Station
  • USB data cable
  • Micro receiver
  • Instruction




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