Wireless barcode reader HD26C

HD26c(1) — kopia

The HD26C is a wireless code reader that can communicate with any computer via the included USB micro receiver. The device has a CCD matrix, thanks to which the scanner is more resistant to mechanical damage and can read all 1D barcodes from LCD screens and mobile phones.

Remembering the codes:

HD26C can transmit codes directly after scanning to the computer with which the reader is connected. It can also work in the code memorization mode, where it can save up to 5000 codes inside the built-in memory. The codes are saved after scanning the appropriate code from the manual. After scanning the code for data transfer, the stored codes will be written in any text field and separated by an enter. The reader also has the ability to reset the internal memory and display the number of codes stored in the memory.

Modes of operation:

  • continuous mode - The scanned codes are sent to your computer as soon as they are scanned
  • memorization mode - The codes are stored in the reader and "dumped" to the computer after scanning the control code

The kit includes

  • Wireless barcode reader
  • USB receiver
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction


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