Wireless barcode scanner HD21

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HD21 communicates with the target device wirelessly. Due to that we have the ability to move with the reader in the space of 20-30 metres from the workplace. The reader easily reads barcodes available in circulation. Reads inverted codes. Thanks to powerful battery the device endures a day of intense work (even several thousand scans) easily. Any character from the ASCII code table can be programmed in the reader as a prefix and suffix. Scanner has a mode for storing scanned codes.

Device installation:

  • Connect the receiver to the USB port of the computer
  • After connecting the receiver in 20 seconds turn on the reader and scan a corresponding sequence of codes from the instruction in order to pair the reader with the receiver
  • After pairing the reader will sound a signal to indicate the readiness for work
  • After finishing work the reader will turn off automatically after several dozen seconds

The set includes:

  • wireless code reader
  • USB receiver
  • USB feeder cable for the reader
  • instruction





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