Full HD rear view mirror car camera, front and rear videoCAR L300


The multifunctional videoCAR L300 video recorder is a device that records movies, takes pictures and serves as a rear-view mirror mounted on the original mirror in the vehicle. Thanks to this, the camera does not take up additional space and does not limit visibility. The set consists of a main camera recording the image in front of the vehicle and a rear camera mounted outside the rear of the vehicle.

A wide mirror of almost 30 cm significantly increases the field of view to the rear and has a built-in, 4.7-inch touch display for trouble-free operation and easy and quick switching between camera modes, menu settings and front and rear view. rear camera. Located on the left side of the main camera, the lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees allows you to capture a wide area in front of the windshield. In addition, adjustment on the ball joint allows you to freely set the image range according to your individual needs. Video in maximum resolution Full HD (1920x1080) guarantees a smooth, clear and detailed image. The rear camera is characterized by VGA recording resolution (640 x 480) and has the additional possibility of using it as a rear view camera.

The daily operation of the video recorder is facilitated by a number of useful and convenient functions. Among them we find automatic activation and deactivation of the camera, motion sensor. In order to protect a specific recording against overwriting and deletion, the device has been equipped with the option of blocking the video with one button. However, noteworthy is the G-Sensor shock sensor, which enables automatic protection of files against being overwritten by a new recording. The sensor has sensitivity level adjustment and when detecting a shock in the event of a collision or sudden braking, automatically, without user intervention, saves the recording of the event in a separate folder, thus protecting it against deletion. This increases safety by eliminating the need for the driver to think about securing the video during a dangerous traffic situation.

Loop recording option allows you to save space on the memory card by overwriting the current recordings with the oldest video. The device supports microSD memory card with a maximum capacity of up to 32GB, thanks to which it is possible to record and save video from several hours. In the playback mode, the camera allows you to preview the recorded audio and video files.

The kit includes:

  • VideoCAR L300 front car camera mounted on the rearview mirror
  • Rear view camera for installation outside the vehicle
  • Screws and washers for mounting the rear camera
  • 2 pieces of rubber mounting brackets
  • Car charger with 3 m cable
  • USB communication cable
  • User manual

Note! The camera is sold without a memory card, it must be purchased separately.


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