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Barcode readers are divided into different categories. The division can be made due to several criteria.

1. Connection method for the device:

a) wired - reader is connected directly to the device via feeder cable. Feeder cable is always included with the set. Every reader model has its own unique cable. Among the wired readers we distinguish:

  • manual readers - GUN readers (hand-held), there might be a stand included with the set,
  • stationary readers - scanners in a form of a cube with an option for permanent montage to the benchtop, wall, etc.

b) wireless - scanners, which thanks to the built-in battery work without any cables. Communication with the target device is conducted via receiver included with the set. In this group we distinguish:

  • radio readers - communication with the device is conducted by radio via USB receiver/ docking station included with the scanner,
  • bluetooth readers - communication with the device is conducted via bluetooth. The readers have built-in bluetooth modules due to which they directly communicate with the devices equipped with bluetooth, with no need to use additional receivers.

2. Types of codes read:

a) one-dimensional codes (1D) - these are readers which read all barcodes available in circulation,

b) two-dimensional codes (2D) - readers, which beside barcodes read also two-dimensional codes such as QR, Aztec, Data Matrix, etc.

3. Reading technology:

a) laser readers - equipped with scanning systems, which read codes using a laser beam, they can read only 1D codes,

b) diode readers (CCD) - technology based on CCD matrix is used to read codes,

c) Imager readers - readers equipped with a matrix picturing the code, they have an option to read barcodes and two-dimensional codes.

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