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Before purchasing a barcode reader, it is worth considering a few important aspects, which determine the choice of a suitable model. Below we present some guidelines that you should follow when choosing a code reader.

Firstly, determine whether the reader should be wired or wireless. Wired readers, in most of the models, are characterised by automatic work mode. With it, all there to do is to put the code under the reader to scan it. After detecting a barcode, the reader will turn on automatically and read the code, with no need to press any buttons. It is a very convenient and useful function during work, e.g. in a shop where number of scans performed is rather high and intensive. The downside of such a reader is a feeder cable, which limits the possibility of reading codes in a distance larger 2 metres from the workplace. This problem can be avoided with a wireless model. It allows for free movement within a few to hundreds of metres from the computer (depending on the model chosen). In addition, the wireless readers have built-in memory. With it, the codes can be saved in the reader’s memory or a simple stocktaking can be performed. Unfortunately, the its downside is lack of automatic work mode, to scan a code pressing a button is always required.

Another aspect is the type of codes read. All readers read all kinds of barcodes. Some models can also read two-dimensional codes. These codes are, e.g. QR, Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417 etc. 2D code readers can also read codes from phone displays or LCD screens.

It is also important to determine the intensity of the reader's work. If we need a reader for sporadic work (several dozen or several hundred scans a day) we can freely purchase the cheapest and simplest solutions. At such an intensity, they will certainly serve successfully for several years. In case where the work is intense (few thousand scans a day and more) we suggest purchasing professional models, which will guarantee failure-free work even in the hardest conditions.

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