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Checking the correct operation of the barcode reader

Each barcode reader in our store's offer, regardless of whether it is a wired or wireless device, works in the same way as a computer keyboard. This solution allows us to quickly and easily check whether our scanning equipment is working properly.

The scanner, when connected to a computer via a cable or when paired with a USB receiver in the case of a wireless device, automatically installs itself in the system. In the task manager it will appear as an HID device, which is just a keyboard. Performing the above steps makes the reader ready to work. In order to check whether our equipment is correct, you can perform a short test.

On your computer, open any text editor, such as Notepad, Word or Excel, and leave the cursor visible in the text field. Then, read any barcode from the product that we have at hand. If the scanned code appears in the text editor, we are sure that our reader is working properly and we can start working with it.

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