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Storage mode in code readers

Wireless barcode and 2D multidimensional codes reader has many significant advantages. One of them is the possibility of being a dozen or even several dozen meters away from the wireless receiver, which is a link between the target computer and the scanner you are using.

Unfortunately, due to various conditions of use, such as the size of the area in which the user moves and the number of obstacles on the road, it may turn out that the wireless range will be insufficient. The user can then save himself with a very useful mode, which is available in almost all wireless readers.

The storage mode is a very simple and at the same time extremely effective function, thanks to which the codes are not sent directly to a connected computer, but saved inside the built-in memory of the reader. This function is most often activated with a special control code, which is available in the device's manual.

How is this code then going to be on the computer? As in the case of starting this mode, you should find the appropriate code in the user manual and scan it. However, it should be remembered that if there are more codes in the reader's memory, they will be sent one by one, in the order in which they were scanned. After the data has been successfully transferred, the reader's memory should be cleared. Otherwise, during the next data transmission, the previously saved codes will be sent again, and any new codes will be added to the existing ones.

How many codes can be stored in the reader's memory? Depending on the model, it will range from a few to even several thousand codes. It should be remembered that the number of stored codes depends mainly on the number of characters - for example, in the reader's memory it will be possible to save more eight-character EAN-8 codes than in the case of EAN-13 codes or others, with a much larger number of characters. In addition to switching between modes, code readers often also offer the possibility of checking the number of codes stored, as well as the speed at which the codes are to be sent to the target device.

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