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Generating barcodes for personal use

A bar code is a graphic symbol presented in the form of vertical stripes or a square symbol in the form of a mosaic (2D codes), which we encounter almost every day at every step. Over the years, it has become an inseparable symbol used in the economy. We most often encounter it when doing everyday shopping, because the barcode is on each product.

Bar codes have been created to mark goods and are unique markings assigned top-down to a given product. These designations are given by the GS1 organization, the purpose of which is to improve the operations performed in the broadly understood logistics.

However, there are situations when there is a need to use the barcode for personal use. Then we can generate such a code ourselves and use it internally. Special barcode generators come to our aid. In addition to numeric codes, we can generate alphanumeric codes, for example Code 128. It allows you to encode not only numbers, but also special characters. In addition, we also gain the ability to generate 2D codes, e.g. a QR code, in which we can write the address of our company's website in text.

We can use self-generated barcodes for various purposes. Here are a few of them:

  • own designation of selected products
  • designation of places or sectors in the warehouse
  • marking of warehouse or sales documents
  • one collective code for several packages of the same product
  • saving information about your company in the QR code
  • saving the company's website address in the QR code
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