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The range of wireless operation in barcode scanners

When looking for barcode scanners, a large proportion of people hesitate between wired and wireless devices. When the choice is a reader that works without the need for a cable connection to the computer, another problem appears - the offer includes both Bluetooth and radio-compatible readers. Many customers usually encounter a problem in selecting a scanner for their needs and the necessary range of operation.

Bluetooth connection seems to be the best and most popular solution at first glance, but it is not quite so. This connection is based on the reader sending the Bluetooth signal to the paired receiver and sending the scanned data. However, the code scanner works best with the built-in Bluetooth module in the target device - such a connection is much more stable and efficient. Despite this, this connection has a fairly short range, which usually does not exceed 10 meters.

So where is the best place to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner? When we want to transfer data to a mobile device - tablet, mobile phone, mobile terminal or laptop, and at the same time we do not want to move away from the device at a greater distance. This solution can be successfully used in warehouses that have a database on an external server, a suitable mobile device is used to operate it, and the scanner is only an addition to it.

A 2.4G radio connection is often colloquially referred to as WiFi, but it doesn't actually have much to do with the internet. This connection uses radio waves, which are sent to the receiver, which can be either a separate USB receiver or sewn into a dedicated docking station. Due to the necessity to have a USB type A port, this solution cannot be used in tablets or smartphones that do not have such a connector.

The advantage of the radio connection is its range - this connection is characterized by high stability, and the range of over 20 meters in a room with obstacles is not a problem. In open space, this range is even higher and can even exceed several dozen meters, without fear of disconnecting the connection. This solution is best used when we want to send codes directly to a specific desktop computer, and the scanned items are located in other parts of the building.

You should also consider buying a reader that has both a Bluetooth and a radio module. Such devices are usually at slightly higher prices than scanners offering only one type of connection, but their universal application makes them an offer worth considering when choosing the right equipment.

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