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Mobile terminal or data collector? - similarities and differences.

Among the devices that facilitate everyday work in stores, warehouses and warehouses, we can find terminals and data collectors. These devices, although similar in appearance, are not identical and have a number of different functions, possibilities and applications. The common feature of both devices is the ability to scan barcodes, which is due to the built-in scanning system. Both the data collector and the terminal have a display and a keyboard which, in the case of the latter, may be tactile. The equipment offers wireless and free work from a distance, without disturbing cables.

Data collectors are simple devices and, unlike terminals, do not have a number of extensive functions. They are usually based on the manufacturer's operating system and do not allow you to upload any additional applications. With their help, you can scan one-dimensional or multi-dimensional codes depending on the model and save them in the built-in memory. The collector may turn out to be an inseparable support for making an inventory, where, after scanning the code, we enter the amount of a given product and scan subsequent codes. The file created in this way can be sent to a computer with an installed warehouse program. The collectors are equipped with an inventory mode, thanks to which repeated barcodes are summed up, which allows to maintain order and transparency of data.

Mobile terminals offer a number of extensive functions and allow for a wide range of applications. First of all, they are usually based on the Android operating system, thanks to which they not only look like a smartphone, they also gain its functionality and intuitive operation. Unlike collectors, they allow you to upload various types of applications and programs, which can significantly facilitate inventory and other work. The ability to connect devices of this type to the Internet allows you to search for information, which makes the equipment versatile and universal.

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