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Barcode reader for reading codes from screens

When choosing a barcode reader, customers most often use the division into wired and wireless readers. The type of barcode being read and the way the scanner does it are also important considerations.

Apart from 1D and 2D codes printed on paper or foil, it is often the case that the read codes are displayed electronically on the screen of monitors or mobile phones. This solution is much more ecological than using paper to print the code. On the other hand, it must be remembered that not every code reader will be able to read information from the display.

With one-dimensional code readers to read codes from the display, CCD scanning modules are necessary - thanks to additional illumination and irradiation of the code with a diode, it is possible to read the code from the screen, unlike scanners equipped with a traditional laser. This solution is also much safer in terms of the scanner's durability - the lack of moving parts means less risk of damage to components when the scanner falls or hits a hard surface.

There is no such problem among 2D multidimensional code readers - each of them supports reading codes from monitor screens and mobile phones. Thanks to the application of the CMOS matrix operating on the basis of diodes which expose the image, it is possible to read the codes displayed on the screens.

Examples of code readers supporting the reading of codes from the LCD screen:

  • HD610A
  • HD200
  • HD201
  • HD202
  • HD-S92
  • HD-SL36A
  • HD-SL96
  • HD-SL99
  • HD6600
  • HD7600
  • HD9300
  • HD9600
  • HD310A
  • HD75
  • HD33C
  • HD26
  • HD26C

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