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Bluetooth or radio communication? Which wireless reader to choose.

When we care about mobility and free movement without disturbing cables, a wireless barcode reader comes to our aid. Depending on our needs, the nature of the business and the place where the reader is used, we have a choice of two types of wireless communication.

The connection via the Bluetooth module allows the scanner to communicate with any mobile device. This gives us the ability to wirelessly connect the scanning equipment to a laptop, tablet, and even a mobile phone. This solution will work in small rooms and, in combination with a smartphone, is often used to carry out an inventory. The maximum range in which we can move with the reader is up to 10 meters, so models with a Bluetooth module are not recommended for work in large halls.

If we have a large warehouse or hall and we need a device with which we will be able to move freely over a longer distance, the best solution will be to choose a barcode reader using radio waves. Readers operating on the basis of radio wave technology, for proper functioning, they need a receiver with which they will communicate. Such a receiver may take the form of a small device with the shape and size resembling a USB flash drive, equipped with a USB connector. In order to send barcodes to a target device, such as a computer, just plug the receiver into the USB port. We can also choose readers equipped with a docking station connected to a computer via a USB cable, which not only provides fast charging of the scanner, but also is a source of radio communication.

Radio frequency readers offer a much greater range than scanners with a Bluetooth module. It allows you to move freely with the device within a radius of 20 meters, even up to 600 meters, depending on the reader model and the number of obstacles that could potentially disrupt communication. This type of wireless connection is especially recommended in large warehouses, production halls or warehouses.

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