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Complex, difficult to read codes - which reader to choose?

When you start looking for the right reader for your business, you should ask yourself what codes the user encounters in his daily work. All readers easily and efficiently read leading one-dimensional or two-dimensional codes, depending on the type of reader. However, the problem appears with more difficult, complicated codes containing a large amount of information. Such codes include the Aztec code found in the vehicle registration certificate. It is 2D code and contains a large amount of information that cannot be handled by any scanner. In addition to codes with a complex structure, there are codes that are more difficult to read, for example behind the foil, or those that have been poorly printed, damaged or are indistinct. We offer several models that read this type of codes efficiently and without any problems. Readers that accurately scan Aztec codes include the HD-SL36A or HD-SL96 models, which are characterized by a high-quality scanning system. These scanners are especially recommended for use in the broadly understood automotive industry. Another model worth recommending is the elegant and durable HD610A, which in addition to the efficient reading of the Aztec code, easily deals with 2D codes on the packaging of medical devices, making it ideal for use in pharmacies or laboratories.
If in your company there are often fuzzy, poorly printed, behind the foil or those that have been damaged, we most often recommend the HD8900 model, with a very good scanning system and characterized by durability. The HD9300 model is also noteworthy, it has a modern design and is equipped with a display on the top of the housing. These are readers that read 1D codes.
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