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Various barcode scanning modes

In recent years, barcodes have gained great popularity and are used in many areas. Bar code readers, also known as scanners, are used to decode and read them, which reflect light from a graphic symbol, converting it into an electronic signal, then sent to the target device with the information contained in the bar code. In order to precisely and conveniently scan barcodes, the readers are equipped with a number of functions that facilitate work. Devices of this type can work in various modes, affecting the convenience or efficiency of work, and their choice depends on the individual needs of the customer.

The simplest scanners offer manual scanning, where the reading and sending codes to the target device is done by pressing the scanning button. This type of scanning equipment will work perfectly in places where barcodes are located in different places, so the reader should be mobile. The manual mode is designed to scan a moderate number of graphic characters a day, due to the need to press a button.

More advanced code readers are equipped with the ability to work in automatic mode, which eliminates the need to use the scanning button. Scanners with the above-mentioned mode read barcodes when they are within the range of the light beam. This affects the convenience and speed of work and significantly increases its efficiency. Automatic mode is ideal for scanning a large number of codes a day, mainly in large stores, wholesalers and shipping centers.

Advanced and professional readers have a storage mode, otherwise known as a memorization mode. Contrary to the real mode, where the codes are sent to the computer immediately after reading, the storage mode allows you to save a large amount, usually up to several thousand, read barcodes in the built-in memory. The codes saved on the device can be later transferred to the computer. Some of the readers also offer work in the inventory mode, thanks to which the read codes are saved in the built-in memory, and the device software additionally counts the repeated codes by specifying their number. This affects not only the convenience, but also guarantees the transparency of data and ensures order.

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