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How to properly scan barcodes.

Czytniki kodów kreskowych mają za zadanie odczytanie, rozkodowanie oraz przesłanie informacji zawartych w kodzie na urządzenie docelowe. Czynność ta odbywa się za pomocą wiązki światła w postaci diody laserowej lub diody LED, która pochłania kolor czarny i odbija się od białej powierzchni kodu tworząc sygnały elektryczne. In order to correctly read, decode and send information to the computer, place the bar code in such a way towards the light beam that it intersects all the lines. Most of the scanning devices available on the market are scanners that offer the type of bidirectional scanning, having one scanning line. Thanks to this, it is possible to read the code inverted, i.e. upside down in relation to the laser beam or diode. There are also omni-directional readers that allow codes to be read in several directions and have from a few to even a dozen scanning lines. This makes the information in the code easier to read and speeds up your work by eliminating the need to set the code in a specific position. The light beam in omnidirectional scanners creates a grid of scanning lines, which makes scanning the code faster. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to scan the code arranged not only horizontally in relation to the beam and the inverted code, the correct reading will also occur when the code is tilted at an angle, as soon as it hits one of the scanning lines. An example of barcode readers that have several scanning lines is the HD35 and HD-S92

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