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The fashion for small devices recording images while driving came to Poland about 10 years ago from across the eastern border. During this time, various models have appeared on the market - from the cheapest models available in hypermarkets for less than 10 EUR, to advanced devices with prices in the thousands. Such a wide selection means that a large number of drivers reach for these devices, while a very large number of them install them incorrectly.

The car camera is primarily to play the role of an independent witness during crisis situations - for this reason, almost all devices currently available on the market have a number of facilities that make the operation of the device maintenance-free, e.g. automatic switching on and off of the camera, motion detection, etc. thus, the camera does not need to be placed close to the driver's reach.

The most convenient place to mount the camera is in the upper center of the windshield of the vehicle, near the rearview mirror. This camera installation is recommended for two reasons. First of all, the camera hidden behind the rear view mirror is inconspicuous, both for the driver, who could obstruct a large part of the view in front of the vehicle, and for bystanders outside the car. The second reason is the area the camera can capture - almost all devices have a wide-angle lens, so placing the camera in the corner of the windshield or near the bottom of the dashboard may make the perspective of the recorded image unable to capture important details such as. e.g. vehicle registration number in front of us.

Most modern cars now have additional sensors near the rearview mirror, which makes it impossible to mount the camera directly underneath it. In this case, depending on the size of the device, it is best to place the camera on one of the sides of the built-in sensors, still trying to place it as close to the center as possible, while being careful that the built-in sensors do not obstruct the view.

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