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Barcodes - what and how?

Barcodes - what and how?

Barcodes are used in many industries. Both in production, warehouse and during the sale of the final product. If we want our codes to be read without any problems we should prepare ourselves for it.

Where can we find barcodes?

Barcodes can be found on all kinds of products. Every item that is sold should have a unique EAN code (usually the code type is EAN-13). Barcodes are also found on warehouses to verify the storage location, as well as the product itself where it is retrieved where it is not necessarily marked with the code that will be assigned to it during the sale.

How to generate codes?


Generating the right codes is an important part of the whole process. If we want our code to be easily read by the reader, we should take care of the proper code structure. At the very beginning we should decide whether the code will be used only for personal use or the product will be sold. If you want to mark products for your own use, you may generate the code either from website, e.g. Code Generator or from stock software WeaverSoftware . When the product is to be sold, we have to apply to GS1 GS1 institution to purchase codes for our products. .

Code has been generated, what next?

When you have received or generated a code, you need to consider in what conditions it will be used to select the appropriate labels to print the code. Should we choose thermal or thermal transfer printing? You may find the following article helpful: Thermal vs. thermal transfer printing.

The conditions in which the code will be used are very important for the correct reading of codes. Lighting plays a major role here. If it is too strong, problems may occur. The reader will reflect the laser light off the label in such a way that the code will be invisible to the device.

Code printed!

Finally completed the code generation process. It has been printed and stuck in the appropriate place. Barcode readers with which we can read these codes. Devices can be found in our offer in the links:

Wired readers.

Wireless readers

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