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Barcode readers are relatively easy to use devices that start the scanning system and read the code after pressing a button. Some of them, on the other hand, are able to do it without user intervention, which makes them practically maintenance-free.

What is automatic mode? This is the setting of the reader, thanks to which it starts the scanning system automatically and is able to read the code without having to hold the reader in your hand and press the scanning button at the same time. The photo below shows an example of a reader IC with an automatic reading function. It shows two photosensitive diodes which constantly monitor the area in front of the reader. When an object up to 50-60 cm in front of the reader is detected, the signal is processed and the light source reading the code is triggered. It is active until the object is removed from the reader's sight or the code is read correctly.

Code readers that can read codes automatically are almost always wired readers. Wireless readers with automatic mode are extremely rare, because due to their mobile nature, they require manual operation by the user.

Wired readers with automatic code reading mode are available both in the laser version, suitable only for barcodes, and in devices with a matrix that allows scanning of 2D codes (QR, Datamatrix, etc.). Often they are also equipped with an additional stand with an adjustable arm. Thanks to this, the device can be in one position with the field of view exposed, and the user only operates the barcode and directs it to the scanning line of the reader.

Interestingly, thanks to placing the automatic mode module directly in the reader, it does not have to be placed in the socket to read codes without pressing a button. The user can hold the reader in his hand and use it to direct the scanning line at the read codes. If it is necessary to read the codes manually, the user can also press the button, which will temporarily disable the automatic reading or completely disable the automatic mode using the appropriate control codes from the user manual.

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