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Storage Mode

The scanner's memory mode allows you to use the scanner in a completely new way.

Most of the wireless readers offered by us are equipped with options for memorizing codes. Thanks to that, the device can be used when creating WZ in a warehouse or during inventory. I

n order for the scanner to start the memorization process it is necessary to read the code from the manual (usually it is "Inventory Mode" or "Storage Mode"). The code starts the memory of the reader, which allows you to memorize about 5000 codes! The number of codes that are remembered depends on the amount of data contained in the code - the more codes can be remembered. When the reader is in the memory mode, it does not have to be connected to the receiver, you can take the device with you at any distance, read a certain number of codes and "dump" it from the reader's memory, e.g. into a storage program or Excel. Data in the memorization mode as in the real mode are saved in text format. If you want to call up the reading of the data stored in the memory, read the code "Data Upload". The codes will be sent to the program in the same way as the reader is set, by default it is a readout with an Enter sign after the code.

Such use of the readers helps during the year-round inventory, because the reader's battery lasts about 8-10 hours.

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