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DPI resolution in label printers

When looking for label printers, many people come across the mysterious DPI abbreviation given in the technical parameters section. What does this abbreviation mean, and how does it affect print quality?

DPI is an abbreviation of the English expression dots per inch and stands for the number of dots applied by the printer per inch of printed material. The DPI print resolution is determined by the type of head used in a specific printer model. Right next to the DPI value, manufacturers often provide these values ​​as points per millimeter. Among the printers available on the market, you can find the three most popular print resolutions:

  • 203 dpi [8 points / mm] - desktop and semi-industrial printers
  • 300 dpi [12 points / mm] - desktop, semi-industrial and industrial printers
  • 600 dpi [24 points / mm] - semi-industrial and industrial printers

As you can see, 300 dpi resolution can be found in virtually every type of printer on the market. The remaining values, due to the purpose of the devices, do not appear in all available devices.

So which printer should you choose? There is no clear answer to this question. For label printers that print simple documents such as courier labels, barcode stickers, etc., a 203 dpi resolution will be fine. If you want to print more complex files, especially with graphics, a printer with a print head in a higher resolution will provide a printout with much less damage to the quality of the printed document.

It should also be remembered that a printer's DPI resolution is not the primary criterion for selecting the right label printer, and there are many other, much more important, issues to consider as well. It is also worth noting that the same printer model with a higher DPI of the head will also have a higher price, which, depending on the class of the device, may vary from several hundred to even several thousand euro.

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